CTXA 423L Visualizing Science Production (2 units)
Principles of 2-D and 3-D digital animation applied to scientific themes and research topics.

CTXA 524 Contemporary Topics: Animation Dreams and Consciousness (2 units)
Explores the relationship of science, philosophy and art to new forms of animation practice, including Artificial Intelligence with a focus on dreams and consciousness.

CTXA 525 Gesture Movement for Animation (2 units)
The concepts of animation performance, body and facial gesture, and the emotional and psychological resonance through cinematic arts.

CTXA 575 Cinematic and Media-based Installations (2 units)
The history and practice of media-based installation art, from site-specific architectural projection mapping, to activist and public art, video sculptures and immersive, physical transformations.

CTXA 588 Animation for Virtual Characters Robotics & AI (2 units)
Designed to explore the illusion of life, sentience and how to develop compelling animation, diverse stories and gesture for virtual characters, AI and robotics.

CTXA 592 Advanced Storyboarding: Inside the Animation Story Room (2-6 units, max 12)
Take your storyboarding to the next level and get a taste of how a feature story room works. In this participatory-heavy class, we will focus on boarding and pitching simple story ideas to your fellow classmates in an open-critique format. Experience how a professional story team operates through a mix of collective brainstorming and iteration, expanding and taking your sense of narrative to the next level.