IML 424 The Music Festival Experience (4 units)
Exploring the cultural significance of music festivals as spaces where music, media and culture intersect; learning experience design and planning innovative experiences for music festivals.

IML 425 Narrative Across Media (4 units)
Traditions and emerging practices in multimedia storytelling. Narrative convergences of literature, film, television, comics, mixed reality, videogames or physical/virtual environments.

IML 453 Design Fiction and Speculative Futures (4 units)
Designing fictional stories, images and worlds to imagine possible futures as a form of speculative design and critical inquiry.

IML 456 Nature, Design and Media (2 units)
Investigation of the impact of natural patterns on digital media design. Explores the relationships among chaos, harmony, beauty, proportion, spirituality, holistic systems and shaped experience.

IML 475 Art in Postreality: Critical and Creative Approaches to AI (2-4 units, max 8)
Description: A hybrid theory/practice course exploring new forms of the real as venture into virtual, augmented, and artificial realities.

IML 493 Creativity and Wellbeing (2-4 units)
Exploration of the intersections among creative practice, mindfulness and wellbeing through individual studio-based project work.