Who do I contact for SCA minor questions or d-clearance?
The minors are coded below according to the owning office or division, please use the bolded abbreviation next to the minor to refer to the appropriate email contact for curriculum questions. For D-clearance requests, you will refer to the course prefix in determining the appropriate department to contact, regardless of declared minor, contact information is also noted below.

  • 3D Animation (CTAN)
  • Animation and Digital Arts (CTAN)
  • Cinematic Arts (STAF)
  • Comedy (CTWR)
  • Digital Studies (IML)
  • Documentary (STAF)
  • Entertainment Industry (STAF)
  • Future Cinema (IML)
  • Game Animation (CTIN)
  • Game Audio (CTIN)
  • Game Design (CTIN)
  • Game Entrepreneurism (CTIN)
  • Games Studies (CTIN)
  • Game User Research (CTIN)
  • Immersive Media (CTIN)
  • Media and Social Change (IML)
  • Science Visualization (CTAN)
  • Screenwriting (CTWR)
  • Themed Entertainment (CTIN)


(CTAN) Animation and Digital Arts
Curriculum Questions and D-clearance: dsigismondi@cinema.usc.edu
(CTCS) Cinema and Media Studies
Undergraduate Course D-clearance: nonmajor@cinema.usc.edu
Graduate Course D-Clearance: mediastudies@cinema.usc.edu
(CTPR) Film and Television Production
Undergraduate Course D-clearance: nonmajor@cinema.usc.edu
Graduate Course D-Clearance: productionoffice@cinema.usc.edu
(CTIN) Interactive Media
Curriculum Questions and D-clearance: USCInteractive@cinema.usc.edu
(IML) Media Arts & Practice
Curriculum Questions and D-clearance: MAP@cinema.usc.edu
(STAF) Student Affairs
Curriculum Questions: studentaffairs@cinema.usc.edu
(CTWR) Writing for Screen & Television
Curriculum Questions and D-clearance:: writing@cinema.usc.edu
(CNTV) Business of Entertainment CNTV 440, 457, 521, 523, 525, 563
D-clearance: bset@cinema.usc.edu