Alumni Development Council

Members of this group work together to guide the school with their ideas, communicate to friends and alumni the needs of the school, and help find ways to reach the school's financial and academic goals, which include curricular and extra-curricular projects, as well as fundraising for division-based projects, general dean's fund, scholarships, equipment, diversity programs, and student-alumni mentorship programs.

John August
Writer/Producer (Big Fish, Frankenweenie, Arlo Finch trilogy)

Timothy Dowling
Writer (Pixels, Just Go With It)

Susan Downey
Producer (Perry Mason, Sherlock Holmes, The Judge)

Bob Ducsay
Editor (Knives Out, Star Wars: Episode VIII, Godzilla)

Robert Greenblatt
Executive/Producer (NBC Entertainment, Six Feet Under, American Family)

Ramses Ishak
Agent, United Talent Agency

James Ishii
Entertainment Consultant/Executive

Leslie Iwerks
Director/Producer/Writer (The Imagineering Story, The Pixar Story, League of Legends Origins)

Polly Cohen Johnsen
Executive/Producer (Wrath of the Titans, Cop Out)

Aaron Kaplan
Producer (The Chi, A Million Little Things, Divorce)

Tim Kring
Writer/Producer (Heroes, Touch, Conspiracy for Good)

Michael Lehmann
Director (Heathers, Snowfall, True Blood)

Laird Malamed
Head of CORE Ops and GM Seattle, Oculus

Michelle Manning
Producer (Andi Mack, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles)

Andrew Marlowe
Writer/Producer (The Equalizer, Castle, Air Force One)

Derek McLay
President, Forecasting, Big Data Box Office

Andrew Millstein
Executive (Walt Disney Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios)

Neal Moritz
Producer (The Fast and the Furious series, The Boys, S.W.A.T.)

Robert Osher
Entertainment Consultant/Executive (Sony Pictures Digital, Miramax)

Jay Roach
Director/Producer/Writer (Meet the Parents, Austin Powers, Recount)

Bruce Rosenblum
Executive (Warner Bros., Disney/ABC, Legendary Entertainment)

Gary Rydstrom
Sound Editor/Designer (Ad Astra, Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park)

Josh Schwartz
Writer/Producer (The O.C., Gossip Girl, Runaways)

Peter Segal
Director (Tommy Boy, Second Act, Get Smart)

Stacey Sher
Producer (Mrs. America, Erin Brockovich, Contagion)

Jason Shuman
Producer/Writer (The Obituary of Tunde Johnson, Half Brothers)

Scott Stone
Producer (Legends of the Hidden Temple, The Mole)

Tim Story
Director (Ride Along, Barbershop, Think Like A Man)

Toper Taylor
CEO, Media Disrupted, Inc.

Jennifer Todd
Producer (Memento, Celeste & Jesse Forever, Alice In Wonderland)

Randy Zisk
Director/Producer (Scandal, Bones, Monk)